【Remote Work】 Online English Teacher

Job Title 【Remote Work】 Online English Teacher
Basic Outline
– Work whenever you want and earn extra money at Japan’s leading Online English conversation company, running since 2007!
– Interest in teaching students English at various levels
– Minimal experience is required! Basic to advanced training is available!

About RareJob, Inc.
– RareJob vision is “Chances for everyone, everywhere,” where we aim to create a foundation for people to actively
participate globally and create a diverse society of people from all over the world, irrespective of international
borders or language barriers
– RareJob is also listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange Standard Market and is attracting attention as an innovator in the
education x technology industry (EdTech). Our English service has garnered over 1 million users and is continuously
growing, with 3.4K corporations and 330 schools also utilizing our services.

Job Description
– As an online English conversation teacher at RareJob English Conversation, you will be providing one-on-one English
conversation lessons mainly to Japanese students of all ages.

Lesson content
– Providing lessons using RareJob English Conversation materials
– Materials range from daily news article discussions to business materials

Student types
– Beginners to advanced students

Job Outline:
– Lessons vary from basic English to high level English
– All materials have a step-by-step guide for teaching, and range from phonetics to business conversation
– Minimal preparation time is required with the guide
– Student ages can range from elementary school kids to retired adults
– Work from home independently and choose your own schedule
– Meet a variety of different Japanese students of various ages
– Lessons are normally 25 minutes

1) Complete the application for
2) English proficiency tests (grammar, speaking)
3) Online interview with RareJob staff (online face-to-face)
– Please conduct the interview using your computer at home
4) Self-study training sessions
5) System/Platform Orientation
6) Start teaching lessons and making extra cash
Requirements – Fluent English ability (irrespective of nationality)
– 12 years of English educational instruction (Grade 1 to Grade 12/elementary ~ high school)
– 6 months (ideally) or more of working experience (ideally online or offline teaching English)
– English Proficiency Checks during the selection process:
— PROGOS test
— English Proficiency Test
– Computer literate (PC skills: navigate the company platform, submit lesson reports, and follow service operating procedures)
– Neutral English accent
– Can provide a minimum of 60 lessons (25 minute lessons) per month
– Must currently reside in Japan
– Must have a valid working visa
– Must have a Japanese bank account
– Home-based stable internet connection and quiet environment
– PC running Windows 10/MacOS 10.14 or higher
**Please be aware that we prefer applicants who are not working for any other online schools in Japan.
(Offline/Brick-and-Mortar Schools are not included in this distinction)
– Stable, fixed Internet connection is required at your home. (**Tethering from a mobile phone is not permitted)
– Internet speed should be 10 Mbps or higher
– Must have your own computer running Windows 10/MacOS 10.14 or higher, with a paid virus protection program
– Must have a quiet environment to work
– Headset is ideal and web camera (NB: not required if the PC has a built-in camera)
– Lessons provided: 7 days a week
– Lessons times: Between 6H00 and 00H55 (final lesson ends)
– Lesson start times: Start every hour or half hour (i.e., 13H00 or 13H30)
– Closed days: Christmas Day and New Year’s holidays( i.e., 2-3 days per year)
– Peak lesson times:
— Weekdays at 06H00 ~ 08H00 and 18H00 ~ 00H30
— All day on Saturdays and Sundays
Salary – Contract type: Outsourcing contract
– Contract period: one year contract (fiscal year: April to March), contract is renewable (conditions apply)
– Salary: 800 yen (tax included) for 1 lesson (25 minutes)
– Payment method: The period closes at the end of each month and is paid on the last day of the following month
– Salary sample
For 120 lessons per month: 96,000 yen (i.e.120 x 800, including tax)
Location Anywhere in Japan (your home will be your workplace.)
*For security reasons, please refrain from working anywhere other than your home.
Payment day – Last day of the next month (i.e., January’s lessons paid at the end of February)
– Company name: RareJob, Inc.
– Location: 2nd floor, Kyocera Harajuku Building, 6-27-8 Jingumae, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo
– Established: October 18, 2007
– Business description: English-related business