Function Web Service Development Engineer
Description Responsibility:
-Lead planning and development to realize the company’s mission, “Encourage 10 million Japanese people to speak fluent English.”
-Optimize our service value by solving users’ issues on their English learning.
-Create a learning platform where each student learn English in an optimized and efficient method by using lesson data accumulated from 25,000,000 lessons and dynamically analyzing their progress, tendency on their learning, and contents of their study.
Job Duties:
-Participate in projects from the first phase of planning and support the team from technological and functional aspects.
-Create specifications, systematize and design
-Develop and test products, conduct user tests
Examples of development
-Cross-cultural development with non-Japanese engineers
-System development to measure the result of automated speaking test with WebRTC technology.
-Dashboard development for users to manage their learning progress/lesson records/ booking for their improvement on their learning
-User-tutor-matching function/ reference function based on data-analysis
*English proficiency is not required at the time of joining RareJob. You’ll be able to improve your English skill through RJ’s global environment!

Development Environment -Language: PHP 5.6+, 7
-OS: Windows/ Mac / Linux (CentOS6.5)
-DB: MySQL5.5+
-Front: jQuery / CSS3
-Sever-side: Node.js / Yii Framework

There is no fixed environment, and you can select tools by your own.

Requirements -Experience in web apps development
-Experience in web apps development using MVC framework
-Experience in development in a team using Git
-Understanding of Linux at the level equivalent to LPIC-1

Skills as assets of experiences as follows -Experience in tuning of load control, server, or DB
-Experience in development or use of RESTful API
-Experience in using/improving CI tools
-Experience in working with non-Japanese people.

We’re looking for candidates who -Can promote the optimization of utility value not only from the technical aspect but other aspects, too
-Are intellectually curious about the cutting edge of technology and development measures
-Can cooperate with team members
-Are good at communication
-Want to try cross-cultural projects

In RareJob, you can -Work in a challenging environment to solve issues on language learning, which is a frontier and has significant impact in society
-Promote subjectively the optimization of utility value for users
-Experience development in cross-cultural project teams
-Use RareJob English service for free. You can improve both your technical skills and English skills!
-Experience web system construction with a team.

Work Type Full Time
Work location 2F Kyocera Harajuku Building, 6-27-8 Jingumae, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo
Work hour Regular hourking hours: 8 hours, Flexible-hours (10:00 ~17:00)
Probation period 3 months
Holidays Saturday, Sunday, and national holidays, paid holidays, summer holidays, new year holiday, special leave for weddings and funerals
Social insurance Employment insurance, compenstaion insurance, health insurance, welfare pension insurance
Salary Determined by interviews