Function Server-side Engineer
Description Job Responsibilities:
-Optimize infrastructure development and PC/Mobile development
-Improve development environment
-Lead technical projects such as DB refactoring or machine learning development
Job Duties:
-Lead product development for RareJob English
-Design and develop API
-Refactor large-scale DB
-Data mining of RareJob English service, Elementary analysis, Linking, Machine learning
-Lead engineers in cross-border development between Japan and the Philippines
Development Environment -Language: PHP 7
-OS: Windows / Mac / Linux (CnetOS6.5)
-DB: MySQL5.5+
-Front: jQuery / CSS3
-Server-side: Yii Framework
-IDE: PHPStorm / Netbeans / Eclipse / Vim / Sublime Text ,etc.
-Other: Redmine / GitLab 7.3.3 / SVN / Git
There is no fixed development tool. Each engineer can decide what tools to use.
Requirements -Server-side apps development
-Web apps development using MVC framework
-Development as a team using Git
-Understanding of Linux at the level equivalent to LPIC-1

Skills as assets of experiences as follows -Experience in tuning of load control, server, or DB
-Experience in development using extension module
-Experience in development and using of RESTful API
-Experience in environment using on-memory-storage
-Experience in data-correction environment
-Experience in multi-region environment
-Experience in introducing/improving CI tools
-Experience in project management
-Work experience with non-Japanese people

We are looking for those who -is full of intellectual curiosity
-has been makin efforts for one’s skill-up
-is confident with one’s development skills
-is good at team-work
-is good at communicating with other people
-wants to try cross-cultural projects
-want to see an increase in number of People who can speak English
-likes technology and to think about directions of new services or products.
In RareJob, you can -work in a challanging environment to solve issues on language learning, which is a frontier and has significant impact in sociey
-contributs to FDD (Future Driven Development)
-contribute TDD (Test-Driven Development)
-access to big data and acquire skills for design operation tuning, data mining, and machine learning
-acquire global service development skills such as multi-linguistic opeartaion
-acquire skills to design, test and implement Rest API
-acquire skills to design and refactor DB
-develop both technical capabilities and English skills
-experience cross-cultural projects
Work Type Full Time
Work location 2F Kyocera Harajuku Building, 6-27-8 Jingumae, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo
Work hour Regular hourking hours: 8 hours, Flexible-hours (10:00 ~17:00)
Probation period 3 months
Holidays Saturday, Sunday, and national holidays, paid holidays, summer holidays, new year holiday, special leave for weddings and funerals
Social insurance Employment insurance, compenstaion insurance, health insurance, welfare pension insurance
Salary Determined by interviews