R&D Engineer launches new service

Function R&D Engineer launches new service
Description Responsibility:
In the R & D department, candidate will create the actual service of product which doesn’t exist in the world from scratch
Candidate will be assigned to the R & D directly under the president that was launched in April 2017. The mission of the R & D is to make products three years later.
Six months after start-up, we have made a prototype and we are gradually shaping the future of RareJob online English lesson service. We think that we will be able to do what we could not do with the limitations of technology. In the future, we will verify the technology aspect to make it real service, implement it, and advance with full throttle.
Job Duties:
· Overall service design (from an engineer’s point of view)
· DB / server side design and implementation
· Work related to speech recognition and natural language processing
* It is a new system development, it is planned to develop by selecting the optimum technology and tools.

Required experience and skill · Experience of making services with full scratch from 0
· Server side general knowledge (framework selection, logic implementation, readable code, test drive)
· General knowledge of the front end (HTML 5 / CSS 3 / JavaScript / Ajax) (not too deep)
· Using the version control tool
· Minimal security knowledge

Skills as assets of experiences as follows · Experience of product owner or project owner
· Front end design and implementation experience
· Experience designing and implementing recommendations by using machine learning etc. from a large amount of data
Knowledge of sound processing such as acoustic model and language model
· Knowledge of natural language processing

We are looking for those who · Curiosity for new things, background knowledge / interest in history
· Not only curiosity and interest but also a mind to move your own hands for yourself
· Continue skill up, have confidence in the development technology, looking for its future
· Can emphasize team work and collaborate to advance work
· Like technology and always like to think about the direction of new services and products

Work Type Full Time
Work location RareJob Philipiines, Inc. (Quezon City, the Philippines)
Interview Location: RareJob Tokyo (2F Kyocera Harajuku Building, 6-27-8 Jingumae, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo)or RareJob Philipiines, Inc.
Work hour Regular hourking hours: 8 hours, Flexible-hours (10:00 ~17:00)
Probation period 3 months
Holidays Saturday, Sunday, and national holidays(PH), paid holidays, summer holidays, new year holiday, special leave for weddings and funerals
Social insurance Employment insurance, compenstaion insurance, health insurance, welfare pension insurance
Salary Determined by interviews